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Learn The Basics of Hand or Lap Weaving

January 28 2014
Learn The Basics of Hand or Lap Weaving

Anyone at any age can learn the basics of hand or lap weaving with a notch type of beginner loom.

You can weave small purses, pouches, bags, mug rugs, placemats, small rugs for dolls/bears or intricate tapestries on this type of loom. However, please do not let this limit your imagination to come up with your own ideas. Keep in mind the loom can also be used to make narrower items by winding your warp material on only part of the loom to make items like book marks, belts or a strap (combine narrow pieces together by sewing them)…and more. The weft material can be anything you can weave into the warp and that includes yarn, laces, beads, feathers, paper strips, ribbons, strips of fabric, leather, suede, hemp, string, grasses, plastic grocery bags, …the list goes on and on. To make specific weaving patterns there are many books that you can buy. There are some online sources as well but I found the patterns hard to find (for free), but you never know. You might want to check out the site http://www.weavershand.com/index.html that has many photos and info on many types of weaving. Check out some of the galleries they have on the site—wonderful pictures of what some people have done---most are way too advanced for this beginner loom. This type of loom is great for learning the basics of hand or lap loom weaving.


Looms are designed to encourage children's development of creativity, fine-motor skills, problem-solving skills, finger dexterity and concentration. Weaving also helps expand basic mathematical proficiency. Weaving can be done while resting on the floor, sitting at a table or on your lap. Detailed activity/instruction guide included with set. Guide includes a brief history on the art of weaving, detailed instructions on how to use your wooden looms and activity ideas.

Yarn Cat Crafts has a great and economical Beginner Weaving kit available that includes detailed instructions and techniques guides, starter tools and supplies to get any beginner weaver started.


Other weaving kits are also available at Yarn Cat Crafts.com



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